The last two decades have witnessed growing emergence of women in global economic initiatives. Their role is now being recognized as an important resource in countries. Yet, many more women are still seeking the skills for creating sustainable micro businesses.

ICECD has pioneered and developed validated models to successfully lead women towards micro businesses and enterprises in non-traditional products like packaging, plastics, value added food products, foam, rubber, fashion garments, IT, dairy, etc. It has motivated and supported thousands of women through credit, training and counseling around the world.

The main objective is to create better understanding about enterprise, technology and market amongst women. The program aims to:

  • Develop skills in participants for designing and successfully conducting programs for small and micro business enterprise development for women
  • Create a pool of professionally trained trainers in order to consolidate manpower resources for institutions
  • Train trainers/facilitators who may, in turn, implement need based programs in their respective countries

The program design would enable participants to acquire conceptual knowledge, practical skills and methods of training and developing women to take up/manage micro business enterprises successfully.

The module comprises:

  • Women Entrepreneurship Development issues and prospects within the globalization process
  • Women as self employed (towards sustainable livelihood)
  • Capability building for motivating women, micro business enterprise and credit management
  • Skills for identification of viable businesses
  • Capacity building for income generation, growth and expansion
  • Trainers/extension officers skill development

The program is designed for specialists, faculty, instructors, government officers, policy makers, teachers and people involved in promotion and development of small and micro business enterprises amongst women. Nominations are therefore welcome from Women Affairs or Gender Ministry of Governments involved in women’s development, Faculty of training institutions, universities, colleges, Women’s organizations/NGOs/PVOs, Banks engaged in women’s development, Chamber of Commerce, Business Associations and International Agencies.

  • Duration: 2 Weeks
  • Fees: US $1500

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