A well developed Small and Micro Entrepreneurship sector has proven to be one of the most veritable channels to combat poverty and making society economically independent.

A large number of people are looking forward for new economic opportunities and the means to take up Self Employment/Entrepreneurship. All developing countries are increasingly realizing this need for attaining economic self-sufficiency. The strengthening of SMEs is important not only for export promotion but also import substitution. The upliftment of SMEs can reduce the chronic problem of unemployment and, at the same time, satisfy the starving markets for a wide range of products. Over the last few years, Governments, NGOs and donor agencies have become aware of the acute necessity of developing Entrepreneurship for the economic balancing of a Nation. Promoting SMEs thus needs an integrated approach, requiring identification and adoption of appropriate methodologies and capability building in Entrepreneurship Development.

  • To develop skills in participants for designing and successfully conducting programs for developing Small & Micro Entrepreneurs
  • To develop local skills by creating a pool of professionally trained trainers in order to consolidate manpower resources of institutions
  • To train trainers/facilitators to develop SMEs who may, in turn, implement need based programs in their respective countries
  • SME development issues and prospects in the global perspective
  • Promotion strategies for successful SME development
  • Detailed studies of import substitution with the products of SMEs
  • Teaching Entrepreneurial and Managerial capabilities building modules
  • Skills for identification and selection of small/micro Entrepreneurs
  • Developing Entrepreneurial competency and Motivation
  • Facilitating Enterprise Development Management

Organization will learn to:

  • Train and develop a number of women/ men for SME
  • Strengthen the capacity to understand and appreciate the process, potentiality and prospects of SME Development
  • Motivate, develop and counsel SMEs
  • Design and implement need based packages to develop entrepreneurial and managerial competencies

Executives involved in Vocational training, Business Development Service (BDS) providers, NGOs, Policy makers, Bankers, Government officers, Private Trusts and representatives of charitable foundations who are involved in developing/training and financing entrepreneurs from small and micro enterprises.

  • Duration: 2 Weeks
  • Fees: US $650

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