Local communities, particularly in rural areas, are plagued by underdevelopment, imbalanced development and poverty. Sustainable Development can be attained if the community itself is empowered. If a large number of people are to be reached effectively for sustainable impact then community based organized system can bring remarkable results. A key strategy to achieve this is the introduction of development planning which involves data collection, situation analysis, preparation of village profile, formulation of plans, consensus building, implementation and monitoring and evaluation. Such a process, however, should be participatory. This means involving the local people so that their needs are taken into consideration and the implementation of the plan is more effective through their participation and ownership of the programs.

Moving from “Welfare” to “Empowerment”, “Dependency” to Development” or “Subsidies” to “Self Sustainability” are common issues being advocated. Self Help Groups (SHGs) provide some basic answers to these issues. SHGs are designed such that people can plan and implement need based socio-economic development for themselves through proper support and participation of the local community, which would help in sustainable development. This could be through self help community groups, micro finance agencies, credit unions, cluster level associations or regional level federations. Their role and participation can make a vital difference in achieving a proper and sustainable developmental momentum.

ICECD has initiated and established such successful SHGs, which are effectively carrying out services within the socio-economic development sphere, and have achieved self sufficiency. This program is designed, with an aim to share these successful experiences, with all those concerned with and involved in the overall development of disadvantaged and poor people.

The main objective of the program is “To institutionalize development through SHGs by creating an infrastructure for local, social, economic and political activities, for long term sustainable development.”

The program will aim to achieve this main objective with the help of the following sub-objectives:

  • To mobilize, create and strengthen people’s organization (SHGs)
  • To develop SGs capacity to manage, implement and monitor various community development interventions for overall development and to attain self sustainability
  • To institutionalize community development activities (Health, Education, Economic activities for Poverty Alleviation, Gender issues, Environment) at SHGs

CBOs creation helps the developmental efforts to reach the people. These efforts are by the people and for the people and ultimately lead to regular/continuous activity for the community.

ICECD, over the past two decades, has successfully created and developed SHGs which are successfully implementing activities for health, education, human rights, income generation and micro-credit for the community, and are self sustainable.

The program will cover the following:

  • CBOs: an effective structure for Community Development
  • Evolving people-centered and participatory development strategies
  • Evolving prerequisites of effective CBOs
  • Promoting CBOs as a people’s organization for sustainable development
  • Institution Building: Strategies, Structures and Process of development
  • Building capacities of CBOs for:
    • Economic Development – Vocational skills and Income generation, Entrepreneurship and Micro credit
    • Social Development – health, education, environment, women empowerment and human rights
    • Political Development – leadership, women participation in local government
  • Achieving self sustainability of SHGs: Strategies and successful case studies
  • Synthesizing learning and enabling organizations to prepare their own action plans

Development organizations, international/donor agencies, NGOs working for socio-economic and political development of women/youth, self help group promoters/managers, youth or women clubs and religious organizations can participate. Government Ministries or Departments dealing with women’s issues, gender issues, social and economic empowerment, women and child development, and organizations/individuals engaged in or planning to institutionalize community development will also find the program useful, enabling them to make their program self sustainable through SHGs.

Participants would get an opportunity to:

  • Acquire skills to develop capabilities of communities for implementation of various economic, social and political programs
  • Evolve and develop sustainable community based organizations and SHGs suited to their own local conditions
  • Accelerate Human Resource Development among women and communities thereby reducing dependency
  • Leading towards self sustainable social change
  • Duration: 2 Weeks
  • Fees: US $1500

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