Safety is a crucial concept in today’s changing scenario. While modernization and sophistication have altered the industrial sector in ways more than one, it has also seemingly made the job more and more complex and intricate. This has resulted in an increase in the number of injuries, fatalities and casualties.

ICECD’s interventions towards garnering safety awareness in the industrial sector are a step towards attaining a more secure and productive workspace.

ICECD collaborated with the Department of Employment and Training (DET), Govt. of Gujarat and BP ( to inculcate safety awareness among the students of the ITIs of Gujarat. A Training of Teachers (ToT) program of 5 days duration was designed for 1,100 ITI staff which covered all aspects of modern safety requirements and a simple way of communicating it to the youth within ITIs according to their level of understanding and exposure. Trade instructors and ES teachers from over 30 districts of Gujarat were trained, the impact of which was expected to penetrate to over 50,000 students in the coming time.

The automobile industry has also benefitted as a result of ICECD’s interventions. Teaming up with Tata Motors and Castrol India Ltd, ICECD implemented the Minimum Mandatory Standards Program towards enhancing safety skills and developing a safety culture at Tata Motors dealer workshops and authorized service stations. Known as Jagruti-Ekjut, they are one day safety programs being conducted by a team of ICECD experts in the field of “SAFETY”, pan India, expected to reach out to over 2000 workshops.

Partnering with IFC – Cairn Energy Pty. Ltd, ICECD implemented safety training program for Cairn Energy and its contractors and subcontractors of their workshops. The training program imparted general safety awareness and knowledge of SHE Policy among the participants aiming to achieve the target of “Zero Accident”. The program, conducted in Barmer district of Rajasthan, reached 50,000 plus participants over a period of 4 years.