The world of Fashion Technology has evolved to become an integral part of modern lifestyle. The current trend nowadays is of innumerous boutiques springing up everywhere to provide a wide variety of clothes. There is even greater scope for the Fashion and Garments sector to grow in the coming years in India as well as abroad.

The Course on Garment Manufacturing by ICECD specifically invites those people who are creative, want to get conversant with the latest technology and can grow fast in the industry. The aim of the course is to train participants in various aspects of the garment manufacturing industry like practical training, business skill development and project work.

Objectives of the Course:

  • To explore opportunities in value added training of garments such as Sherwani, Lacha, Sharara, Western outfits
  • To develop technical skills using production work method and the latest machineries
  • To develop technical and the industrial entrepreneurs working in Garment production/units/ boutiques

Topics Covered:

  1. Knowledge regarding Garment industry:-
    • Current scenario and issues in the Garment industry
    • New incoming opportunities and challenges of the Garment industry
    • Features of the garment sector and readiness of entrepreneurs
  2. Garment products and opportunities:-
    • How to search for new products and select garments considering competition, market and fashion
    • Information regarding value-added garments such as sherwani, lacha, sharara, western outfits, uniform, industrial dresses
    • Changing scenarios of garment fashion in the country and abroad and new opportunities
  3. Garment Technology and Machinery:-
    • Juki, gauze, five threads, over lock machine, elastic attach machine, Mudha Machine and method of using the same.
    • Skill-knowledge of zero waste cutting and stitching.
    • Sewing work of high quality.
    • Repairing, maintenance and care of garment machines.
    • Production, productivity, quality, finishing, packing.
    • Experts, machinery suppliers and physical visits of units.
    • Information regarding Machinery layout and new attachments.
  4. Guidance regarding how to commence new garment industry:-
    • To think, search and to select in regards to planning of business, verification and new possibilities.
    • Understanding legality and policy-ways.
    • The assistance scheme of Government and other organization for new entrepreneurs.
  5. Development of Entrepreneurs :-
    • Calculation of costing, profit and cost of various products or garments.
    • Strategy of business success and project report.
    • Financial planning and management.
    • Internal independent transactions between owner and supervisor.
    • Attitude of physiological and supervisory skill.
    • Inspiration (Motivation) of entrepreneurs and development of competency.
  6. Marketing and Export of Garments:-
    • To verify the requirement of customers in business development by way of market survey.
    • The mental attitude and behaviour of customers.
    • How to communicate with customers and sales tricks.
    • Opportunity and possibilities of garment industry in the country and abroad.
    • Process and study of export.
  7. Systematic Development of Garment industry:-
    • Conversion of consumable into value-added category.
    • To produce new fashion, garment of new design.
    • To learn how to fight against new market demand and competition.
    • To learn working as per international standards and tricks and preparation regarding development-variety.

Project/Practical Work

  • To prepare sketch book and journal.
  • Visit to Garment unit for product selection.
  • To prepare final project report as per the data collected through market survey.
  • Sample production of garment product.
  • Planning of fashion show.
  • To prepare action plan for success and establishment of industry.

Who can benefit:

  • Passionate men and women desirous of venturing into a new industry or improving on an existing one and those who wish to start a business in their homes
  • Women, youth, supervisors, producers of small-scale businesses
  • The men and women having education/experience in Garment sector Diploma / degree in fashion designing.
  • Shopkeepers/salesmen/ garment traders / retailers engaged in the sale / trade

The mode of training will be in Gujarati/English.