Millions of homeless people became the victims of physical and mental stress during the earthquake in Kutch, Gujarat.

But once again Kutch showed its mettle against natural disaster. By considering the curse of nature as a blessing, the people of Kutch initiated efforts to restore the collapsed Kutch back to normal. “Sir… We’ll do our bit…” These words of the people showed their mettle and the same had been revealed during the survey conducted by ICECD to have an overview of the social, economic and mental desolation.

The earthquake affected people were left homeless and the biggest challenge for them, other than deaths, was finding a temporary residence. The problem continued until a new home was constructed. A greater impact of the earthquake had been the desolation of workers, females, farm labours and the poor, severely affecting their livelihoods. Not only had they lost their faith, but also their direction of life.

To meet the daily requirements, priority has to be given on restoring the water resources and helping the people restart their livelihood. The long term as well as short term planning for social rehabilitation will have to be implemented systematically after identifying the requirements village-wise/activity-wise/person wise/group wise.

Topics Covered

  • Program for Drinking Water
    When water, one of the most significant elements of life, becomes scarce due to natural disaster, then proper storage and use of water is required. ICECD, with the concept “Water is Life”, has planned the efficient recovery, storage and use of water by which the permanent problem of water for the human and cattle of this region can be eliminated.
    The availability of drinking water has always been an issue for the people of Kutch. The earthquake and constant drought has created severe drinking water problems. ICECD has taken the challenge for making the source of drinking water available for the people (individual as well as in group) and cattle.
    Under this, the following schemes were implemented:
    For Drinking waterArrangement for cattleArrangement for group
    Repairing/Recharging Of Wells
    Water Savings and management
    Water storage
    Drinking places for cattle
    Clean place for cattle
    Disposal of waste water
    Kitchen garden
    Drain Well
    Drain well
  • Vocational Skills Training Program
    The demand for workers in the construction industry under rehabilitation efforts has risen to a great extent. If their skills are utilized towards disaster management like housing (such as plumbing, electrician, plastering/R.C.C, fabrication, carpentry)  by contracting them to local persons only, then not only will there be speedy implementation of aid but also creation of jobs for these people. The Vocational Skills Training has been introduced for this purpose only:
    CarpentryElectrician TrainingPlumbing and Sanitary
    Doors and Windows.
    Roof of House.
    Electric Fittings for home usage.
    Three Phase/Single Phase electric fittings.
    Water taps connection.
    Public Water Stand.
    Plastic Tank/ Repairing of Fitting tank.
    Pre-cast itemFabricationCeiling (R.C.C) Centering
    To prepare molding frame.
    Cement Grill
    Cement Block.
    Type of Fabrication.
    Equipments being use for fabrication.
    How to prepare frame of grill-gate.
    Information about Raw-material.
    Equipments being used in R.C.C. Centering.
    Method and process of R.C.C. filling.
    Information regarding material being used in R.C.C.