ICECD has developed a unique concept of forming village level and block level institutions called Community Based Organizations (CBOs). CBOs of rural women are the tool of ICECD to lead women towards sustainable socio-economic empowerment and better living. Self Help Groups (SHGs) are formulated at grassroots level. The SHGs are serving as an effective means of initiating economic emancipation and are also ushering in social transformation in a big way, empowering women to liberate themselves from existing social evils.

The model aims at empowering women, poverty alleviation and creation of better standards of living.



To further the cause of SHGs by ensuring a strong financial backing and to develop them as community based organisation, a federation has been formed, named ICECD Udyami Mahila Sangathan.

Federation Activities

  • Encouraging social, economic and political participation of women
  • Initiate programmes to boost the working potential of women and
  • Develop leadership qualities of women
  • Increase access and control of women on economic resources
  • Facilitate the availability of loan for women

The federations visualize a socially, economically and politically empowered society through the united capacities of their women members. The current membership covers 5 districts (Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Mehsana, Sabarkantha and Kheda) of Gujarat.
The details of ICECD federation and its members :

  • Total SHGs in Federation: 1000
  • Total SHG members: 16,200
  • Total Savings: 52,06,926
  • Total internal lending: 51,15,120
  • Total bank linkages: 8,50,000
  • ICECD’s micro credit: 140,72,364
  • Units set up by rural women: 1,282
  • New Employment generation: 11,693

The Federation’s women entrepreneurs have their enterprises in the field of packaging, plastics, food processing, fashion garment, information technology, health care etc and many of them earn between Rs 3000 to Rs 30,000 per month.