With the aim towards turning men and women in villages/slums/underdeveloped areas to economic activities, awareness camps are organized on income awareness. In addition to this, ICECD also organizes awareness camps for “health” and “safety” for the men, women and children of these areas.

Case in point

Just after the earthquake in Gujarat, as part of the rehabilitation program for the disaster hit families, a primary camp, Anjar Block, in addition to 25 surrounding villages, were selected by ICECD. Specific camps were arranged for the Sarpanch, Deputy Sarpanch, Talati, female members of Panchayati Raj etc and even for high government and non-government representatives.

In this camp the trainees the ICECD team brought about awareness regarding opportunities for the villagers to generate income for their survival and growth. Through group discussions, it was shared how they can create their livelihood through small business like embroidery, ceramics, dyeing, printing, dairy etc. In addition to this, the delegates of the Panchayati Raj Institute shared their own experiences and the status of current rural development. By inviting successful industry entrepreneurs of ICECD and persons handling small businesses, their valuable experiences were also shared.

As a result of the camp, the Panchayati Raj Institute trained their people for the required livelihood activities in their own village.

Thereafter, ICECD helped for long term planning for preparing Panchayati Raj Institutes for the livelihood activities.