Safety is a crucial concept in today’s changing scenario. According to WHO, road accidents are one of the top ten reasons for deaths all over the world and the leading cause of deaths among young people within the age group of 15 – 29 years. Approximately 1.25 million people’s deaths, globally each year, result from road crashes. This is closely followed by home injuries which is a major site for unintentional accidents and deaths. Domestic accidents account for approximately 6000 deaths each year in the world. A third major cause is industrial accidents. Over one million work-related deaths occur annually according to ILO estimates and hundreds of millions of workers suffer from workplace accidents worldwide.

ICECD understands the growing need for safety and works effectively towards creating a safer environment for all. ICECD’s workshops and training programs in varied segments of the society like ITIs, automobile sectors and so on aim to sensitise and create awareness regarding safety as well as provide the necessary training to develop a safety conscious behaviour. ICECD also works hand in hand with various corporate companies to mobilise their CSR towards better safety in industrial sector, road safety and many more.

Our Ongoing Projects

A Film On “Safety For ITIs Of Gujarat”