Every woman can live an economically independent life with dignity by way of establishing small businesses in their own homes. After removing all hindrances coming in the way of her development, each woman can attain financial independence with these businesses and regain her esteem amongst society and her family, not to mention building a bright and better future for their children. Empowering women so that they become capable of shouldering these responsibilities is thus essential. With the empowerment of a woman comes the empowerment of a family, and subsequently, with the empowerment of a family comes the empowerment of a country/nation.

The aims are as follows –

  • Developing entrepreneurship in women
  • Attain self reliance and economic independence
  • Empowerment of women
  • To ensure stable development
  • To reduce gender equality
  • To alleviate poverty 

The training will include the following:

  • Organization and planning for the industry
    • Requirement of raw material, machinery, and equipment
    • Financial planning and assistance
    • Profitability and business plan
    • Procedure for establishment and rules and regulations
  • Achievement motivation and the development of entrepreneurship skills
    • Development of achievement motivation
    • Initiative
    • Systematic planning
    • Communication arts, etc
  • Establishment and management of the industry
    • Financial Management and Methods and Techniques of Sales
    • Keeping of accounts and accounting