Marketing and selling of Bajaj 2 wheelers with Women SHGs
Impact: SHG members earned Rs. 1000-3000 while motorbikes sold to reliable buyers.


A joint Initiative of British Gas, Gujarat Gas Co. Ltd and ICECD was to train the youth of urban slums in Ahmedabad, Ankleshwar and Bharuch for self-employment. Various developmental initiatives were deployed to create new jobs and raise productivity and income of these youth, who earlier depended only on the seasonal income but now earn approx. INR 5000 every month.

The second project looked at creating jobs for youth in the command area of Gujarat Gas, by training youth to learn technical skills of fitting CNG kits in 3 and 4 wheelers through a well designed 3 month course. 


  • Skills developed amongst young men and women – creating Employment and Self Employment
  • Better status in their community and the society
  • Over 200 youth have been trained in 3 years, increasing their income from mere 1200 – 1500 to Rs. 5000 – 8000 per month
  • Replication of the above in Surat / Navsari / Ankleshwar / Vapiand generating Income (Rs. 10,000 – 15000) for each person trained

ICECD in association with Tata Chemicals and their CSR arm TCSRD implemented a project for economic rehabilitation of their ex-employees at Mithapur. More than 2,000 men and women were trained and employed in selected skills, or were self-employed through micro entrepreneurship development, thereby improving their income and quality of life, over three years. The project is now operational on a self-sustained system with local team.

A similar initiative was also undertaken with TCL/TCSRD in their second location at Babrala, UP, where the target group was the land losers who were offered the same avenues of employment and self employment. These interventions were-

  • Employment and self employment through micro entrepreneurship.
  • Capacity building of organizations (TOT)
  • Needs Assessment Study for Capacity Building of Self-employment and Micro Enterprise Development in Okha Mandal, Gujarat and Babrala, U.P.

Impact: Over 2000 men and women got employed/ self employed. Restoration of livelihood of retrenched workers and their.


In a very unique manner, ICECD partnered with CAIRN in implementing all round initiatives for Community development, SME development, Vendor development and Safety training. In a 3 year project aimed at covering over 12000 clients from the community/SMEs, the land losers were the focus group. Community development for these land losers of 40 villages where in more than 8500 families were affected, was done through –

  • Technical training (electrification/plumbing, etc.)
  • Self employment for 3000 men/ women in the fields of handicrafts/animal husbandry/other small businesses through Enterprise Development Programme.
  • SME/Vendor development to link them to CAIRN.
  • Institutionalization of Employment Creation Program.
  • Industrial Safety Awareness and Training Programs.

Impact: Resettlement of land losers. Rehabilitated 12,000 project affected and displaced people in Rajasthan, and Safety awareness and Safety training for them.

  • Socio Economic Development program for Employment Generation
  • Awareness Creation in community for self employment
  • Training men and women in Technical Skills
  • Training of Trainers for NGOs in the area
  • Training of Trainers for Entrepreneurship Development Centre

Impact: Regular Income generation for rural women ranging from INR 5000 to 8000 each.


100 ICECD entrepreneurs were linked to Castrol agencies and trained for Enterprise management.

Impact: Sustainable income and business for small-micro entrepreneurs.


Need Assessment study in Kalinganagar and Gopalpur and now Entrepreneurship Development in Gopalpur for Displaced Population

Impact: Rehabilitation of the people through creating Self-Employment / Entrepreneurship among the displaced community in Odisha.

  • 100 men and women trained.
  • Investment: 5,00,000 to 25,00,000
  • Income Generation: 15,00,000
  • Socio-Economic baseline survey assessing the gap.
  • Entrepreneurship Development for SHG Women.
  • Impact Assessment of V-governance project of training 1 Lac Government officers of Gujarat
  • Needs Assessment and alternative economic opportunities in rural area of Andhra Pradesh (for farmers) 

Impact: Entrepreneurship Development of 110 women in Gujarat.

  • Investment: 55 lakhs
  • Income generated: 13.2 million per annum

Socio-Economic Rehabilitation of Disaster Affected People of Kutch (43 villages) through skill development in the fields of construction and micro entrepreneurship.

Impact: Sustainable employment generation and livelihood rehabilitation for hundreds of disaster hit population

  • Vocational Training for Migrant salt workers for construction skills.
  • Entrepreneurship Training for Micro and Small Enterprise Development for salt workers.

Impact: Sustainable economic empowerment through income generation and employment creation.

  • British Petroleum – Industrial Safety Program Institutionalization in Educational Institutes in Gujarat.
  • Needs Assessment Study in Gujarat of all Institutes of Technical Training(ITIs).
  • Development of Need based Safety Program for ITIs.
  • Development of Teaching and Trainer Manuals for ITIs.
  • Implementation of Pilot project of Safety in ITIs.
  • Institutionalizing Safety in Gujarat in more than 80 ITIs by conducting Teacher’s Training Program of ITIs.

Impact: 1100 well trained and accomplished trainers of ITIs pan Gujarat with higher knowledge and better practice of Safety measures, who would transfer the same to the thousands of ITI students who would study under them and apply the same at their work place.


Safety Awareness Program for 1000 Tata Motors Workshop officials (TOT) pan India in over 27 states reaching out to over 20,000 TATA Motor employees to become of Aware of Safety measures to be maintained at the workshops

Impact: More awareness of Safety Measures to be maintained at the workshops pan India, thus reducing casualties and potential risks


Environment protection through awareness of proper recycling of e-waste

Impact: 5000 students + 250 staff trained and made award of e-waste and its safe disposal and recycling. 

  • Income Generation – Rs 2,000 to 10,000 PM
  • Project Affected Persons employed withcompany/Contractors, others led to Self Employment
  • Problems/conflicts between LLs/workers & Companyminimized and dialogue possible
  • Health, education and political empowerment forwomen and youth
  • Local population partnering in Development
  • Service provision to Company and Revenue Generation leading to self sufficiency
  • SAFETY FIRST institutionalization at work place