Nurturing entrepreneurial qualities is crucial and Entrepreneurship courses are the need of the day. Particularly for the students of Science and Technology, this course aims at bridging the gap between their technical knowledge and their ability to initiate and run an enterprise successfully.

Fashion Technology is the manufacturing process related to fashion which integrates the newest technologies comprises various aspects of designing, printing, quality control, marketing, merchandising of various textiles, apparels, garments and accessories.

This 6 weeks EDP in Fashion Technology is an attempt to equip S&T students with Inputs of Fashion Technology in Garment making and Entrepreneurial Competency Development. This will equip participants to start their businesses and create employment opportunities for over 160 persons in the field of Fashion Technology.

ICECD is in process of mentoring 40 such participants under the mentorship of Senior Faculty Members of ICECD and prominent Fashion Designing Professionals. These  participants would go on to start their enterprises such as trading of Garments and Accessories, Dress Designing and Dress Making – ranging from Children wear to Men and Women’s Indo-Western Outfits and of course Traditional and Wedding collections.