General thinking process for students is to look for a placement or a job soon after graduation. Students are not yet responding to the Entrepreneurial opportunity considering the uncertainty of income, still unaware that once you are established as an Entrepreneur, sky is the limit. It is time to address this attitude in their education curriculum itself to change the mindset and more so with Technical students.

Entrepreneurial courses have become the need of the day, particularly for the students of science and technology, who can contribute significantly to the economic development of the country as well as generate employment. The government directs phenomenal amounts of its investments to the same students and researchers and hence, such ventures should be directed judiciously.

In education institutes, the Entrepreneurship course remains an examination oriented initiative only. The course design generally addresses the knowledge based need, while aptitude and attitude inputs are hardly covered. No actual behavioural change takes place. However, an encouraging point to note is that more educational institutions are increasingly showing their interest in entrepreneurship development programme. Several academic institutions, including those of science and technology, have already initiated courses of entrepreneurship in their respective institutions. However, the non-availability of expertise and experience of teaching entrepreneurship have proved to be major bottleneck for the faculty of polytechnics, science and engineering colleges.

It is imperative to train the faculty of these institutions for imbibing entrepreneurial spirit in the students to cultivate entrepreneurship amongst them.

ICECD is in the process of training a new cadre of professionally trained faculty who will be able to identify, select, motivate and train technical students for taking up careers in entrepreneurship in their institution.