Whether a woman is from urban slums, rural or tribal areas, she generally lacks direction, not because she lacks capability but because she has remained in the periphery of the society and is underprivileged in terms of education, skills, access to resources and knowledge, thus adding to the already high unemployment figures of the nation. ICECD has recently initiated an interesting project in Rajasthan – a state in Western India – with the objective of:

  • Identifying the existing status and needs of the women and devise ways to motivate them to take-up entrepreneurship and self-employment, for initiating and/or improving their livelihoods.

IFC, along with ICECD addressed this issue by supporting the growth of solar lighting manufacturers as well as other stakeholders like Frontier Markets (FM).

ICECD assessed the Training needs of the women who would be running their business of solar lights and designed a suitable entrepreneurship development training programme. The curriculum and content are specially designed and the need based capacity building programmes for the women are implemented by ICECD.

The focus of this project is to prepare potential women to gather knowledge about the products, how to market and sell them, and thus to grow their business into a more profitable one.

This training intervention is opening up new opportunities to lead the women to take up self-employment and entrepreneurship. The program is a very important factor to bring confidence to the women and further lead them towards economic empowerment.