Hina Shah, a Master of Science with specialization in Human Resource Development areas faced many an odds when she decided to become an entrepreneur after completing her MSc. Resistance from society, friction at emotional and economic levels, along with financial institutions refusing to give loans made it all the more difficult for her to initially take the plunge towards Entrepreneurship. However, with determination and grit to achieve her goal she emerged a successful entrepreneur in the field of plastic packaging. Having experienced problems and constraints herself, she pioneered. “Women Entrepreneurship Development Programmes” in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India – in 1982, with 25 women participants of which 16 established their non – traditional businesses. Encouraged by the success she refined the model and implemented it in other districts of Gujarat and various states of India. These women entrepreneurs were recognized as “economic contributors” by the financial / support institutions and the policy makers, and specialized women development policies were formulated by the government to support women in rural areas. In 1986 she started “The International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Career Development” (ICECD). ICECD is a unique institute for entrepreneurship; perhaps the only one of its kind that has facilitated thousands of youth, especially women to become entrepreneurs not only in India but all over the developing world. It came to be recognized as a Centre of Excellence by the United National ESCAP Thailand in the year 2000.