International Centre for Entrepreneurship & Career Development (ICECD) has introduced the revolutionary concept of teaching Entrepreneurship to students from primary to high school level. Known as Model for Entrepreneurship Education (MEE), it has evolved out of 25 years of creating over one lakh entrepreneurs in India and over 52 other countries.

MEE is unique in the sense that it is the only model designed to teach “Entrepreneurship” to primary to high school students through a structured and validated approach. It nurtures the entrepreneurial values in each child by inculcating entrepreneurial behavioural competencies and prepares them to act in a socially responsible way. As attitudes and cultural references take place at an early age, MEE plays a major role in developing their entrepreneurial spirit. Introducing young people to entrepreneurship develops their initiative and helps them to be more creative, problem solvers, persistent, information seekers, goal setters, perseverant and self-confident. It also helps them in their academic learning and lifelong achievements.

MEE has been designed, implemented and validated at Satyameva Jayate International School since the year 2000.

MEE can be easily integrated into the regular school curriculum by allotting approximately 1 hour every week during regular school hours to the learn this. Teacher’s Guides and Student’s Workbooks facilitate an interesting and practical learning of this model through specifically designed games, exercises and interactions. The implementation period for the course is 6 months, and can be executed during any 6 month period during an academic year.

The Founder – Director of the school and the brain child behind this Model, Hina Shah said, “Our socialization pattern does not allow entrepreneurial competencies to be developed. In this age of globalization, we need more job creators than job seekers. Hence the genesis of our model for Entrepreneurship Education for schools.”

This SJIS Model is now open to the schools in India and Globally.


MEE Students Speak

Rutvij Khatri (MEE)

Soham Trivedi (MEE)

Zeel Soni (MEE)