Information Technology has revolutionized the entire world with its amazing range, speed and complexity. By realizing its long term potential, the Indian IT and IT-enabled services industry has become one of the most powerful driving forces behind India’s economic growth.  The Gujarat Government is determined to go all out to offer the investors and the professionals the best of both worlds. To achieve overall IT growth in Gujarat, the govt. has evolved varied strategies encompassing subsidies, capital incentives, etc.

The big opportunities available in IT should be tapped fast to move ahead so that goals can be achieved. ICECD gives the youth a proper environment, motivation and support in order to focus their infinite sources of energy to realize entrepreneurial goals in the IT industry.

IT industry is often perceived to be job oriented and a field with more migration opportunities. But, being an entrepreneur is more than a job or a career: it is a lifestyle. Entrepreneurs seize opportunities while others stand and let it pass by. They are action oriented, highly motivated and take calculated risks to achieve realistic goals. Entrepreneurial qualities can be acquired, developed and strengthened. ICECD offers IT Entrepreneurship Development Program through a systematic approach to facilitate the potential IT entrepreneurs to setup their own enterprises and successfully manage it. A high powered Management Advisory Board is constituted to facilitate the success of the program.

  • Help crystallize the entrepreneurial dreams from the conceptual to the implementation stage, acting as a single point contact for any assistance
  • Behavioral approach to develop personal entrepreneurship competencies (PEC) based on the Research Project conducted by Mcber and Company, USA
  • Ideas are no one’s monopoly. The program will offer a basketful of business ideas for selecting viable business opportunity.
    Some potential opportunities are 
    • Back Office operations
    • Revenue accounting
    • Data entry
    • Data conversion
    • HR Services
    • Transcription services
    • Educational software development
    • Animation software development
    • CAD, CAM, Network consultancy and management and other hardware related technologies 
  • Facilitate interaction with experts and initiate linkages for finance, marketing etc.
  • Result oriented. The participants are expected to establish enterprises.
  • Post-training support and follow-up to facilitate business establishment and successful management through meetings, guidance and linkages

The potential IT entrepreneurs need to be aware about the rapid changes, the global impact and the varying trends of the IT industry, so that they can make proper assessment before venturing into the business. The inputs given to make successful entrepreneurs in the IT industry are

  • IT related Personal Entrepreneurial Competency Development and Entrepreneurial Motivation
  • Environmental Scanning and Self Awareness as an entrepreneur
  • Identify viable business, Market Survey techniques, sustainability and growth
  • Feasibility Assessment
  • Project Formulation and Preparation
  • Operational Management covering Finance, Marketing, General Management and Risk Assessment
  • Quality concern to meet International Standard
  • Case studies of success/failure of IT entrepreneurs/ companies (national and international)
  • Interface and visit to successful enterprises and entrepreneurs
  • The technical requirements in terms of manpower, equipment, infrastructure, etc.
  • Legal and patent related inputs

The training approach involves the participants as doers. It makes the participants generate tremendous data to relate and apply with past and future activities. The participating trainees will learn various aspects of IT entrepreneurship package through in house lectures, discussions, field visits, assignments and through simulation exercises.

Applicants should be IT or computer trained/experienced professionals, science and technology graduates and diploma holders. Existing businessmen or their inheritors who want to diversify into the field would be given preference.

  • Duration: 6 Weeks, Part-time in the evening
  • Fees: INR 10,000

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Gujarat, INDIA

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