Pollution has already proven to be a bane for modern society. It is also an important topic for debate at all levels. People and the institutions alike have been earnestly looking for a cleaner and greener world. So what can be done to stop pollution and create a cleaner and better world? Vehicles across the world have switched over to extensive use of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) as an alternative to petrol and diesel. CNG is also known to be a clean, powerful and cost-efficient source to run vehicles. The compressed gas, stored in pressurized tanks of vehicles, facilitates the creation of an eco-friendly environment.

Gujarat has witnessed a greater awakening towards protection of environment. Efforts to apply Euro norms and the drive to switch over to CNG as an alternative fuel have increased.

ICECD, aware of this fact, has been interacting with many civil society groups to facilitate a pollution-free environment. ICECD conducted a survey on CNG in Ahmedabad, Surat and Vadodara. The use of CNG in cars and auto rickshaws was analyzed and the application of CNG for industrial use was assessed. The needs of the sector were examined with a view to develop strategies for maximizing the resources for the population in general and at the consumer level in particular. The focus was also on the safer use of CNG at all levels. The supply of CNG as a fuel is increasing in Ahmedabad (through Adanis), Vadodara (through GAIL) and Surat (through British Gas/Gujarat Gas). The needs of this sector have now grown manifold. The need is to facilitate the use of CNG in vehicles, industries and households by creating more entrepreneurs and technical persons, especially those dealing with the CNG sector, and increase the supply of such personnel, both in terms of numbers and technical expertise.

A CNG technology based entrepreneurship program, with all this perspective, has been planned so that interested people can learn and build a career in this trendy sector.

The objectives of this program are:

  • To create alternative career options in CNG and related fields that can help to attain a pollution-free environment
  • To create a new breed of entrepreneurs that can be specialists in CNG and also handle regular maintenance of CNG-run vehicles

The program is specially designed to develop the entrepreneurial, managerial and technical capabilities of potential entrepreneurs, enabling and equipping them not only to establish their new ventures but also to manage these successfully.

The potential entrepreneurs are expected to create enterprises of which they will be the ‘owners’ and ‘managers’. The justification for the training is, therefore, threefold:

  • Reinforcement of their latent entrepreneurial spirit and channelizing it into new ventures
  • To build up new confidence in first timers
  • To equip them to manage the units more successfully

ICECD has developed its comprehensive training package with the help of which potential business persons can be turned into well groomed, confident and competent entrepreneurs. The result oriented developmental inputs of the ED activity are grouped as below:

  1. Behavioral Inputs: To develop personality traits and confidence necessary for first time entrepreneurs
  2. Business Opportunity Inputs: To enable selection of suitable, appropriate and viable business opportunity for establishment of the unit by an entrepreneur ( Garage in this case)
  3. Information Inputs: To help in project report preparation and planning
  4. Commercial Inputs: These focus on actual commercial transactions/work/methods and are more relevant for identified target groups
  5. Managerial Inputs: To help develop operational management skills for sustained profitable results

The technical training would help participants to acquire conceptual knowledge and practical skills about various aspects of CNG like CNG conversion kit fitting, maintenance and safety measures. The input comprises of:

  • Specific technologies for three and four wheelers, power generation, transmission and fuel system including MPFI
    • Understanding of internal combustion engine
    • CNG conversion kit
    • Fitting of conversion kit
    • Maintenance of CNG conversion kits
    • Normal and preventive maintenance
    • Safety issues
    • General communication skills

Participants would be provided on the job training in CNG garages. They will be taken to garages/companies for visits during the training period.


  • CNG kit fitting, maintenance in 3-4 wheelers
  • Basic technical knowledge in engine parts, accessories and power generation
  • Safety factors at all levels

Any of the following with Science and Technology background:

  • Skilled/semi-skilled auto mechanics with some experience
  • Part-time/full-time garage workers
  • ITI course completed people
  • Businessmen, auto garage or petrol station owners
  • Unemployed and employed youth

Age Group: 19 years and above

Duration: 6 Weeks (Six working days per week, 6 hours daily)

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