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Entrepreneurship Development Program by ICECD is our flagship program that has been recognized by the World Bank as a “Best Practice”. This program is scientifically designed for aspiring and existing entrepreneurs to imbibe and practice the Entrepreneurial competencies that can lead to a successful enterprise. ICECD is a recognized centre for entrepreneurship education on how to start a business in India and over 50 other countries.

  • You want to be your own boss.
  • You want to grow your business – Expansion, diversification, variation, find a niche.
  • Develop the next level of business skills.
  • Want to earn more!
  • Clarity of business purpose and motivation to achieve it.
  • Selection of feasible business product/service and a detailed business plan to make it successful.
  • Awareness and development of the entrepreneurial attitude and aptitude.
  • Network of other entrepreneurs exploring the similar journey, mentors who have worked with and guided 1000s of entrepreneurs.
  1. Environmental scanning and identification of business opportunities.
  2. Issues and challenges of an entrepreneur.
  3. Entrepreneurial traits and competencies development.
  4. Business plan preparation.
  5. Operational Management (Finance, Marketing, Leadership).
  6. Sustainability and growth orientation.
  7. The 5 day program will be participatory and practical.
  8. You will learn through case-studies, simulations, games, lectures, field work, discussion and audio-visual aids.
  1. New entrepreneurs and start-ups.
  2. Existing entrepreneurs looking for a giant leap in their entrepreneurship skills.
  3. Professionals (CAs, Lawyers, Doctors, etc) looking at expanding their practice.
  4. Participants interested in creating a startup/enterprise and not sure how to go about it.
    • Course:
      • Become an Entrepreneurship Program
    • Duration:
      • 5 days
  • Fees: Rs.10,000 inclusive of study materials, food and beverages, refreshment.
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