66ICECD interface with universities:

  • ICECD exchanges its knowledge base with various universities and educational organizations ICECD Faculty addresses students in colleges/universities on varied topics like Entrpreneurship, Marketing Management, Resource Management, Project Management, Financial Management, Disaster Management, Starting and managing enterprise, advertising. Our faculties are continuously involved in teaching and training at various institutes like SMEDAN, Nigeria, Nirma University, Gujarat University, Gujarat Institute of Disaster Management (GIDM), Sardar Dantiwada Agricultural University (SDAU), and so on. Our outstanding  faculty, employ the latest in academic theory and case methodology to engage students in the rigorous study of modern business practices and  utilize a variety of techniques to stimulate student learning, delivering content through a robust mix of lecture/discussion, role-play, simulations, case and field study.
  • Students from various institutions visit ICECD to get an exposure in various aspects of Entrepreneurship. Students visiting ICECD are transformed by our challenging, flexible program – driven by the best minds in entrepreneurship education – unleashes their potential, giving them the confidence and skills to lead anywhere in the world. ICECD also offers internship opportunities to interested students of various prominent organizations from India and abroad like  Hathway Brown School – Cleveland – Ohio, Xavier’s Institute of Social Sciences – Ranchi, Nirma university – Ahmedabad, S P Jain University – Mumbai, Kadi Sarva Vishwavidyalaya, etc. depending upon their interest and skills. The internship varies from one month to six months in various projects in Entrepreneurship, Micro-credit, School Entrepreneurship, etc.