This one year Post Graduate Diploma programme is designed based on ICECD’s vast experience of over 30 years of conducting Entrepreneurship training, research and consultancy in over 60 countries round the world, will facilitate an individual/group of individuals to start a social enterprise. Social entrepreneurs are driven by passion for cause a desire to aid, improve and transform the social sector. This could be in the area of education, health, rural development, environment or help in improving economic conditions for the needy via micro finance or access to funding.

The specific objectives of this programme are to:

  • Enlighten students to a world of opportunities for starting a social enterprise  as well as work for a cause
  • Impart necessary knowledge, skills and help develop an attitude towards running a social enterprise successfully
  • Help students to identify and select proper development intervention
  • Help students to plan and manage a social enterprise
  • Understand Social Development Management

This programme is the key for students whose answer to the following questions is a ‘Yes”!

  • Would you like to start a for-profit enterprise and also fulfill a social cause with passion?
  • Do you dream to start your own enterprise and take responsibility for an innovative and untested idea for positive social change?
  • Would you like to make in erasable impact on the society?

Students will benefit as follows from this programme:

  • Fulfill a social cause passionately and create your own social enterprise
  • Make an indelible impact on society through your venture
  • Practical exposures to existing social enterprises
  • Be motivated to earn and serve at the same time
  • Manage and grow your social enterprise successfully
  • Understand development needs for social and economic empowerment
  • Develop a learning mindset
  • Skills and knowledge to formulate plans, implement initiatives, monitor and evaluate the results of interventions

The programme covers concepts, theories and international experiences comprehensively designed to cover these 5 major concentration packages :

  • Development Components of SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP
  • Social Entrepreneurship Project Management and Development Management
  • Organizational Capacity Building and Human Resource Development
  • Sustainability, growth, change and development

Graduate/Post Graduate from any University/College. Any Indian or foreign national appearing for the final year graduation examination, awaiting result may also apply.

Details Total (Rs)
Admission Fees15,000/-
Academic Fees (incl. computers, library and learning material)Term I40,000/-
Term II36,000/-
Examination Fees (for both terms)5,000/-
Total Fees96,000/-

(A refundable deposit of ` 3000 would be applicable)
Note: Hostel facilities along with lodging boarding facilities are available for an annual fee of Rs.70, 000/- for Non- A/C & Rs.1, 10,000/- for A/C  accommodation.

The past students comprise of youth from allover the country (Rajasthan, Orissa, Bihar, Gujarat, UP) as well as countries like Nigeria and Ethiopia. Today they are well on their way to fulfill their mission having been placed with prestigious National and International Development Organizations, Government Organizations, Corporate houses and NGOs, while some have started their own enterprises. Our students have been placed at organizations like

Some of the Organization:

  • Taleem Research Foundation
  • Helpage India
  • Supath Gramodhyog Sansthan
  • District Rural Development Agency [(DRDA)
  • Palanpur
  • Bhilwara and Junagadh and Bihar
  • National Rural Livelihood Mission
  • Water and Sanitation Management Organization (WASMO)
  • Aajeevika Bureau
  • Development Support Centre (DSC)
  • Motivation Engineers
  • Abhigam Consultants
  • Agakhan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP)
  • ICECD & many more…
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