Dance is an expression of emotions through body movement. But there’s more to dance, and that’s Performance – choreographed just for the stage. That’s where we step in.

Age Groups

  • 15 years and above

Dance Dance is a 58 hour energetic program which leads to a music video wherein we teach students various dance forms like:

  • Salsa:
    Salsa is a graceful, free-flowing dance form, usually with a partner. But there do exist styles originating in different places, where Salsa could be performed individually or by multiple couples. The lead dancer uses his arms to signal the follower and the follower moves in tune, the steps being flawlessly in harmony.
  • Contemporary:
    Focusing on the unconventional movements, on flexibility instead of rigidity and searching for new forms and dynamism, was born the Contemporary Dance form. This extremely fluidic dance form is more a philosophy exploring natural energy and emotions to produce movements.
  • Hip-Hop:
    Made popular by dance crews, this super-energetic dance form is performed to Hip-Hop music. Appearing really simple when performed, this dance form requires a good sense of rhythm and a great deal of practice.
  • Bollywood Dance:
    Deriving inspiration from Indian Folk Dances, Classical Dance forms, a sprinkle of disco and a bit of Western dance comes the Bollywood Dance, a joyful exercise-music filled with energy.
  • Indian Classical:
    Born from the sacred Hindu Musical Theatre Styles, and performed in the sanctum of temples strictly in accordance to rituals is the Indian Classical Dance Form. This soul-liberating dance form uses facial expressions and ‘mudra’ or hand gestures as a sign language to narrate a story about nature and emotion.