It’s said that a right is not what someone gives you it’s what no one can take from you. With a million scavengers, thousands of cases of domestic violence and dowry deaths and an appalling number of child labour, we surely have a long way to go. Despite the numerous promises by Indian Government, the state of many of the countries’ children continues to be pitiable. Statistics reflect that 13 million child labour, about 3 to 5 lakh children are forcibly engaged in prostitution and at least 18 million children live on the streets in India (Clubbed with child abuse and poverty figures). A little help on your part can and will bring their number down.

Donation Option Amount (INR):

  1. Functional literacy programs for adults including reading, writing and numeric skills: 15,000/-
  2. Library for the rural and underprivileged people: 25,000/-
  3. Sponsor Education of a child up to 18 years for elimination and rehabilitation of child labour: 25,000/-
  4. Support a child’s education, healthcare and human rights: 5,000/-
  5. Support a girl child’s education, health and nutrition: 20,000/-
  6. Sponsor an orphan child till his/her 18 years of age for his/her education: 25,000/-
  7. Sponsor up to 5 orphan children’s meals for a year to support their health: 24,000/-
  8. Food expenses of a tribal student: 24,000/-
  9. Support slum children for their education/daycare: 6,000/-
  10. Awareness camps on human rights especially for women and child: 5,000/-
  11. Awareness camps on consumer rights relating to adulterations, weigh and product expiry: 8,000/-
  12. Workshops on legal rights for poor women: 8,000/-
  13. Educate Tribal women on sanitation awareness through one day workshop: 10,000/-
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