A Step Towards A Better Tomorrow

The many reasons that people donate fall into a higher categories of love, belonging, social needs, esteem needs and self actualization.

Many social problems seem too large for any one person to make a difference.

Making a donation give a donor personal power over a simplex issue that is much larger than himself. Its one way that we can feel more in control of our world.

Making financial donations is also a way to take a stand on an issue.

Let’s help the 18 million children living on the streets, 1000 people who succumb to TB everyday and million scavengers, thousands of domestic violence and dowry deaths. The women in India do not even enjoy the basic rights, their health, education and empowerment unfortunately is of no consequence under such a scenario. The least we can do is giving half our population an equal world by donating.

So join hands with ICECD in the mission of bringing development to the door steps of people.

So make a difference in your life
As well as someone else’s life.

Because you have the will and courage to do so….