Due to modernization and automation, framing of National and International rules governing HSES and the skills demanded by modern industrial sector requiring efficiency and safety, the concept of Safety that comes under the larger purview of Health, Safety, Environment and Security (HSES) has become a matter of prime importance.

In India, ITIs provide the largest work force to industry. The large and medium industrial undertakings have set up processes to induct new recruits from ITIs. One of the major issues that exists is lack of “Awareness and Knowledge of Safety” in the new work force coming out of ITIs and Polytechnics. The result of this is:

  • Non adherence to safety standards/processes resulting in several incidents/accidents and casualties and loss of property.
  • Inability to cope up with safety rules resulting in quitting.

Hence, there was a need to introduce Safety awareness at the base level in ITIs as they consistently provide thousands of students to the industrial sector. There was an urgent need to:

  • Make them aware about safety issues
  • Impart basic knowledge of safety issues
  • Convince them to internalize and practice this knowledge

ICECD successfully executed a specialized Safety Training project for 400+ ITIs in the State of Gujarat. Topics like Housekeeping, use of PPEs, Chemical safety, Ergonomics, Machine safety, Welding safety, Accident Prevention, Emergency Preparedness and Fire Safety, etc. were a part of the 16 Safety Modules taught to the 1100 technical instructors of more than 400 ITIs across Gujarat. These instructors in turn impart the Safety training to the ITI students.

The outcome of this project is that about 25,000 students every year are understanding the importance of industrial safety and why and how to ensure a safe working environment. There is a marked improvement in placement and attrition is coming down. In the long run this would have a definite impact on major/ fatal accidents saving precious lives and damage to industrial property. This awareness about safety in thousands and thousands of ITI students shall ultimately improve safety in their personal and professional lives resulting in improved quality of life.

Table shows the project reach-out in Gujarat, divided into 4 zones – Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat and Rajkot and the number of ITI instructors trained.


Zone NameNo. of Instructors